Bachelor project: Tenerife For Alltid
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Foto: Jørn Aagaard

February - May 2018

My bachelor degree project in graphic design and illustration is an exploration of the relation between memories and souvenirs. I'm looking at this through my own memories of holidays at Tenerife, where my grandparents spent every winter for 16 years. The souvenirs and photographs we have from Tenerife are threatened by their physical existence - they could disappear in a fire. The memories in our heads are threatened by time's impact on our memory or diseases like dementia. My grandfather is now sick wth dementia and then all these memories of better days at Tenerife suddenly feels so important to hold on to and in a way revive them. I am silk screening illustrations and customized type on towels and also making an animation film. The title in English is: "Tenerife For Ever".