Stuðlaberg Typo Project
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August - November 2017

During my exchange semester at Iceland Academy of the Arts I had an individual project focusing on typography. I had a plan on making a typeface in five weeks. I chose to make it based somehting we don't have in Norway: stuðlaberg, or basalt columns. It turned out to be a bit hard to make this typeface in five weeks as I never had made a typeface before so it ended up being a failed project with a lot of confused sketches. So I decided to collect all of it at make three A1 posters. An attempt to organize all of the unorganized stuff. The first poster is the research and early phase. The second one is from the middle of the sketching period. And the third poster is what was most finished of the unfinished. Maybe some of it will become a typeface one day when I learn how to actually make a typeface.